From Start to Finish

Matson Lumber controls the quality of our own northern timber, the precision of our own sawmill, the preservation and storage of wood in our own dry kilns and storage shelters, and the experience of our own grading lines. When your order is complete, our job is just beginning in the form of service; honest, personal service.

Our Own Timber

Matson Lumber has thousands of acres of red oak, white oak, cherry, hard and soft maple, beech, poplar and ash. Our extensive timber holdings are located in the northern Appalachians, the Allegheny Forest and other northern forest areas. Matson Lumber is all northern logs and lumber. Northern timber, with its longer growth cycle, produces the finest and most durable hard-woods.

Our Own Sawmill

The Matson name has always stood for quality. Our production lines are controlled for just that...QUALITY! Our newly installed band saw, along with our circular saw, enables us to make available to you a variety of sizes and qualities. Furthermore, our production lines can produce numerous varieties of which the grades and sizes are less in demand. Matson Lumber can satisfy almost any need.

Our Own Dry Kilns

Matson Lumber provides accurate control of moisture content in all of the hardwoods. Dry kilns in the Brookville and Corsica yards are operated around the clock. Controlled stacking of lumber for air drying enables Matson to deliver a superior product with very little, if any waste. Our immense storage areas eliminate staining, warping and damage from the elements.

Our Own Grading Lines

At Matson Lumber, our logs and lumber are carefully inspected by our most experienced personnel. Our on-site packaging adheres to even the most exacting standards of customers all over the world. Our constant inventory means that your order can be sent to you without delay. We can do this because we control every step; from cutting the timber to shipping your logs or lumber. It's all Matson. From start to finish.